Practical Telepathy and How to Nurture New Ground

The very real phenomenon of Telepathy – Mind to Mind Communication, and how we can enter into these abilities.

These mystic abilities, although most people openly deny the existence for various reasons. Some of these reasons are pure lack of proof, far too bizarre a concept, unwillingness to pry into other people’s minds, unwillingness for others to pry into our own minds, far too busy, and so on… All these mental walls we build for many reasons, even conservative societal reasonings. Telepathic Power is something in surety that we know we are truely ready to use and nurture – by simply sensing the ‘signs’.

Our dreams play a vital link in these abilities. Where our dreams become more vivid so too do our telepathic capabilities become more vivid also. The frequencies we vibrate on are simply the opening and closing of bridge-ways between us, our astral abilities and our ‘third eye’, linking to many other possibilities such as telepathy and more. We raise these energies within and we open the bridge to these many capabilities and realms.

Inside these dreams we have, we occasionally step inside of the Lucid State, when in this state we must remind ourselves what is actually happening. Ask ourselves questions of our environment, people we come across, things we do, the vibrancy of color, even the smell of this ‘lucid dream’ environment. Create a blog journal of these happenings to share or even keep private, an ongoing blog diary will keep progress on track, and even prove seriousness to oneself. We find the mystic clues inside these lucid worlds and we discover any traces of new ‘mystic’ abilities.

Be aware of any physical changes such as any types of ills as these can very well be our bodies adjusting and aligning to our new Vibrational Frequencies. Us as physical and spirit co-align to new levels on a daily basis. This is ultimately purifying us for our new abilities and insight. With all usual physical care and self-observation we can observe a new enlightenment and a new awakening taking place. All these new events we must realise that all soul beings experience such awakenings at their own personal pace. No two souls are the same.

Social circles may go through some changes and fine tuning once we become more telepathically clear. We will definitely find ourselves refraining from the negative types as these types only lag us down, although our best ‘recipe of the social’ finds its own way of sorting itself out after time. Our Vibrational Frequencies have an uncanny way of attracting the right fruitful company to journey with.

Along with the lucid state of (dream increases), another important indicator is the natural ability of empathy. Empathy is our soul-sense that doesn’t let us down. It is the pure bridging with others. This bridging is the opening pathway to listening and feeling the thoughts of others that are open. The more we practice this the more we find others that are open.

The right vibrational messages will always begin to find a way of becoming clear to us when the time it just right, we just need to stay receptive.

Lucid Being